Monday, 26 May 2014

Nominees--Best Names/Titles

(Thought I'd leave some info on their names/titles. This might not be the best title each of them has ever used, but it's what I can remember and/or what their profile says now. Sorry. If any nominees have a better title they want on here, you can leave a comment here, and I'll make sure I see it.)

General Luciana Clover Scáth; Leader Of the New Land Of Stickers; Prophet Of The New Order (AKA the Insane Queen Of the Rainbow People); Grand Mage of Skuttlebuggia/Little Bird

Skyril: The one hoping Israel Elysium and Nights Raven Can be in Book Nine!! AKA The Vocerferous Chatterer, Loyal Forever and Always, the Pluviophile

Snow Stormberg: Penguin Queen, Time Lord, Ivy the Ninja, Aspiring Glue Seeker, Odd Nutbag in the Corner. ((Constantly changing))

Taia DeMars, Proud Princess of Flowers, Inesculent Bean and Dinosaur Enthusiast

The Delivery Guy

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