Monday, 11 May 2015

RESULTS: Most Dramatic!

((I know I posted the list already and said I was done, but this is one of two completed drafts that I had and didn't post for some reason. Oh wait the other one isn't actually completed. I know I made a trophy for it, though. Will look into the matter.))

[The theater is quiet and dark, except for a single spotlight, shining on a pedestal in the middle of the stage]

[Smoke rises around the base of the pedestal]

[The lights flicker]

[A booming voice echoes from everywhere]




Sunday, 10 May 2015

Complete list of winners, as I am unlikely to have time to post them individually

Most Likely to Die for a Friend: Aretha (HM: Silente)

Most Creative Discipline: Niccolò Croatoan (HM: Derek Landy)

Most Likely to Pick a Fight: Blake Soul

Most Disturbing Jokes: Snow Stormberg

Most Thoughtful: Star Inkbright

Most Creative: Star Inkbright

Most Likely to End the World: Edward Fletcher

Most Musical: Maralie Lily Charm

Most Proper: Sir Reingington

Most Tragic Character: Niccolò Croatoan

Most Poetic: Fabi S. (HM: Octaboona)

Best Blood: Valkyrie V. Cain

Worst Influence: Hunter

Best Speeches/Dedcations: Star Inkbright

Meta-award won itself

Most Likely to Die First in a Zombie Apocalypse: Star Inkbright

Golden God Award: Everyone/Aretha Tesla (Tie)

Best Names/Titles: Snow Stormberg (HM: The Delivery Guy)

Most Crazy: Snow Stormberg (HM: Jubilance Glee)

Most Pensive: Mycroft Holmes (HM: Sir Reingington)

Most Likely to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Alastair (HM: Blake)

Most Shippable: Niccolò's names (HM: Niccolò's coat)

Most Involved: Star (HM: Silente)

Most Huggable: Kallista (HM: Hunter)

Best Plot-Maker: Annika Barnosky (HM: Aretha)

Most Smiley: Jubilance Glee (HM: Star Inkbright)

Most Violent: Blake (HM: Alastair)

Most Fitting Taken Name: Star Inkbright (HM: Jubilance Glee)

Most Absurd thing Done in Blogland: Dragona's Autocorrect (HM: Worshipping a blade of grass)

Saturday, 4 October 2014


No, not all the results have been posted.

The honorable mentions are honorably mentioned only for awards that were decided by one or two votes, or for the ones that had to have tie-breaker rounds.

Fabi will be making more trophies and posting more awards, probably saving them so she can post a bunch at once, but she is now a very busy college student who also has six different roles in her dance studio's production of The Nutcracker, so she will be quite busy and appreciates your patience. She posted the first round of awards in order to ensure people hadn't lost interest before she was willing to continue typing up more, and she will have more ready as soon as is reasonably possible.

Any more questions you have will be answered here, assuming Fabi can answer them.

Fabi is speaking in third person because she thinks it sounds more official and business-like.

Friday, 3 October 2014

RESULTS: Best at Meeting New People!

Meeting new people is a skill. It's quite important to make sure that new Bloglandians get to e

And the winner is...


Yay! Everyone gets cake! :D

Kallista Pendragon, as honorable mention for this award, you have the honor of slicing and distributing the rainbow cake. :-)

RESULTS: Most Involved!

This award goes to an extremely deserving person. She makes an effort to read all the comments, even the ones while she's on vacation (tbh, I wouldn't have the patience to do that! :O), and she responds to things in a way that lets you know she's actually thought about them, and you and your words matter.

You may or may not have guessed this by now, but the winner is...

Star Inkbright!

And here is your trophy!

RESULTS: Funniest Bloglandian!

There are so many kinds of funny, and between the four nominees that were originally tied, we have four distinct styles of funniness. There's Annika's theatrical style of funny, Jubi and Kallista's variations of happy/random/funny, and Sir's sneak-up-on-you sort of clever funny. They're all very smile-worthy, but in this case, happy/random/funny came out on top. Without any further ado, the winner of the Award for the Funniest Bloglandian is..... 

Jubilance Glee!

Congratulations! [Presents Jubi with a trophy shaped like Swiss cheese and made of chocolate] [hides from all the awesomeness]

Your honorable mentions are Sir Reinington, Kallista Pendragon and Annika Barnosky! You get sunglasses! Yay! (I just felt like drawing some sunglasses, okay?)

RESULTS: Most Adorable Bloglandian!


inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.

The person who won this award fits this definition perfectly, especially the last bit.

And the winner is...

Maralie Lily Charm!

Congratulations, Mara! [hugs] And here is your trophy! :D