Sunday, 18 May 2014

Most Likely to Become President/Prime Minister and then be Assassinated

Who likes power? A lot of people. A lot of people. Who would like a powerful position in the government? Also a lot of people. Who would like to die? Still some people :-( [hugs], but in general it's not as appealing. Sometimes, though, stuff happens. Because, remember, a lot of people want your power. They're just jealous because you're so cool.

Which Bloglandian is most likely to become president/prime minister and then be assassinated?


  1. I'd say Alastair. Simply because I imagine his government to be quite torturery and dictatorship-y.

  2. I would say Star, but I don't think anyone would try and assassinate her, so…

    Still Star. I'm sure someone would get round to it after her fiftieth term in office.

    1. Of course people would want to assassinate me . . .
      I would say I ramble on about things and don't do anything, but actually most politicians do that . . .
      I would say I'm annoying, but most politicians are . . .
      Maybe no one WOULD want to assassinate me. O_O

  3. *laughs*
    I think I agree with Trip. :)

    Also, I think Dragona could make it to PM.
    The assassination would probably come from people getting fed up wtth having cheese thrown at them or something. :P