Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Most Fitting Taken Name!

Okay so most of us here have a taken name, maybe not all but most. But who's fits them the most? Who's signifies there personality best? Some of you see colours in names as well so they might help you decide but who's name best fits their personality? Nominate down below!


  1. Star Inkbright - y'know with her word art which does tend to be both inky and bright. And occasionally starry.

  2. John Smith. Its so simple and plain, and normal. It describes him so well, he's so simple and ordinary.

  3. Death Rose.

    It just describes her so well... a rose on the brink of death

  4. I know she's already been nominated but Star Inkbright. She's creative and crazy (ink) then she's smart and funny no matter what she says (bright) and as well as this her presence and rants make me feel happy not uncomfortable much like stars are calming and make me smiles. So many thousands of light years away but still managing to get through to us with their light.

    1. Thank you, Silente.
      I'm crying. :) :) :)
      Thank you. :) :)

  5. Forgive me, friends, but I've missed most of the Blogland Awards voting! I'm so sad . . . but I saw that I had been nominated for some things, and then I was happy again, so therefore, I shall nominate Star Inkbright, because ink puts me in mind of words, and ink bright puts me in mind of words with a bright story to tell, stories that shine like stars, and I can think of no other image that fits Star Inkbright so perfectly.

  6. Star Inkbright, for all the reasons stated above :)

  7. (Okay, so Star's definitely nominated. :P ^^)
    Jubi. Because she's so... jubilant. All kind of sunny and, exuberant, and gleeful. Jubilance Glee. :)