Sunday, 18 May 2014

Most Likely To End The World!

Who will it be? Which of us will end the world as we know it? We don't know, but we can guess! Tell us who you think is most likely to bring about the end of the world in the comments!


  1. Chione, but only if it someone pissed her off enough. As in if they killed Blake. And Mir. In front of her. Slowly. Making them scream. Yeah.

  2. Alastair. :)

    I would say Hunter, but he lives in the world, so he doesn't really see the sense in ending it.
    Alastair, however, can just go to a new dimension, so he wouldn't mind ending the world. XD

    1. Well, Alastair likes this world. He's fond of messing with the humans here. So he wouldn't end the world. War would, in a heartbeat, but he rarely ever gets control of himself, so he's not likely to actually destroy much of anything.

    2. Well, which world is THE world?
      We say this one is THE world because it's our world, but that's like Aussies saying that Aussie accents are the correct way to pronounce English and the rest of us are doing it wrong. They have no more evidence that their accents are the correct accents than anyone else.
      Hunter, only knowing one world, would not destroy it.
      Alastair, knowing multiple worlds, might destroy a few.
      And one of them might be THE world.
      (More likely, there is no THE world, and in which case the award, and so therefore this debate over it, is irrelevant.)