Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Best Writer!

Okay so a lot of people on the blog write stories. Whether its fan fics or just random stories from random times. But who's stories are the best? Who's stories make you cry, laugh, scream and what not? Inform us here! Nominate those worthy of this award down below!


  1. Depends what you mean by 'best' really.




    I think I'll come back to this one.

  2. I could give you some of the older Bloglanders but I want to find out who the writers are now. If I could get some links to some to the writings, that would be most helpful. :D

    1. Most of it is just done in the comments section, tbh...

      This is a place where people can write up bits of their roleplays. It was started back in the summer. Some of the really new people won't be on there, and a lot of it is in-the-middle-ish stuff that might not make as much sense without context. But it does have samples from a lot of different writers, which I think is what you're looking for. Once more people have been nominated, I can locate some of their better writings and post a list of links for each of them individually.


      I volunteer to do a lot of things, don't I?

      I don't actually have as much time as it sounds like. I just like to be all organized and stuff.

      But I've been organizing a lot.

      Hopefully I have time to do it all...!


      I'm fading into irrelevance here, so I think I shall just post this comment now.

  3. Aretha. Her writing amazes me and its so real. I can feel it.

  4. Jazlyn

    Her Skullock fan fic is gonna become something great

  5. I'm going yo nominate Chione. I really like her fan fic

  6. Em, her style is just so... Black hole-ish. I feel as though the universe itself is saying "Nah! You'll be fine, just keep reading." Whenever I read her stuff.

  7. *nominates tons of people because I CAN*

    Nix and Mist(as in, both of them together, when they're collab-ing)
    Kallie(I've only read one or two of her stories, though)

  8. O.O
    There have always been so many incredibly talented writers on the Blog.
    And there are also many who I have not read ever (or at least for some years).
    There are so many, though. I don't know how to do this! D:

    But... I've read Dragona's writing a lot, and he always has plot and action and humour fit in well. I can't see him already nominated, so... :) ^^