Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Most Quotable

You know when someone says something and you just have to write it down so you can remember it forever? That's happened a lot here (shoutout to Snow's quote project! Hopefully I got that right!). Anyway, there are a lot of times I've referenced something Blogland-y and people irl have had no idea what I'm talking about!

So is there one person you constantly want to quote? If so, nominate them below!

Also, a reminder: These posts are for nominating people. Not voting. I'm not sure how it was done last time, but the comments here are like getting the names on the ballot. We have a plan for the actual voting part that we should announce in a couple of days or so*. Sorry for any confusion!

*I am not in charge here. Thus, it might be today, or more than a couple of days. Don't quote me on this.


  1. Methinks I shall nominate Taiaceratops. [nods]

  2. Star

    ((Fabz /none/ of us are in charge here! We're just...going with it. Just roll with it!

    1. You don't need to apologise! The cat clawing my foot apart, they need to apologise but you dont

  3. Probably Snow.

    But Star and Taia too.

    Since Taia and Star have already been voted for I'm going for Snow.

  4. I, personally, believe Star is the most quotable.

  5. Star and L and Taia

    I, for one, love when Star and Taia are on at the same time, because then we get some really interesting conversations

  6. Star! I haven't been on Derek's blog for long but from what I've seen and who I've met Star seems incredibly quotable!

  7. Star.
    (I literally have star quotes written down in bold lettering so that I don't ever forget them. :P )