Saturday, 4 October 2014


No, not all the results have been posted.

The honorable mentions are honorably mentioned only for awards that were decided by one or two votes, or for the ones that had to have tie-breaker rounds.

Fabi will be making more trophies and posting more awards, probably saving them so she can post a bunch at once, but she is now a very busy college student who also has six different roles in her dance studio's production of The Nutcracker, so she will be quite busy and appreciates your patience. She posted the first round of awards in order to ensure people hadn't lost interest before she was willing to continue typing up more, and she will have more ready as soon as is reasonably possible.

Any more questions you have will be answered here, assuming Fabi can answer them.

Fabi is speaking in third person because she thinks it sounds more official and business-like.

Friday, 3 October 2014

RESULTS: Best at Meeting New People!

Meeting new people is a skill. It's quite important to make sure that new Bloglandians get to e

And the winner is...


Yay! Everyone gets cake! :D

Kallista Pendragon, as honorable mention for this award, you have the honor of slicing and distributing the rainbow cake. :-)

RESULTS: Most Involved!

This award goes to an extremely deserving person. She makes an effort to read all the comments, even the ones while she's on vacation (tbh, I wouldn't have the patience to do that! :O), and she responds to things in a way that lets you know she's actually thought about them, and you and your words matter.

You may or may not have guessed this by now, but the winner is...

Star Inkbright!

And here is your trophy!

RESULTS: Funniest Bloglandian!

There are so many kinds of funny, and between the four nominees that were originally tied, we have four distinct styles of funniness. There's Annika's theatrical style of funny, Jubi and Kallista's variations of happy/random/funny, and Sir's sneak-up-on-you sort of clever funny. They're all very smile-worthy, but in this case, happy/random/funny came out on top. Without any further ado, the winner of the Award for the Funniest Bloglandian is..... 

Jubilance Glee!

Congratulations! [Presents Jubi with a trophy shaped like Swiss cheese and made of chocolate] [hides from all the awesomeness]

Your honorable mentions are Sir Reinington, Kallista Pendragon and Annika Barnosky! You get sunglasses! Yay! (I just felt like drawing some sunglasses, okay?)

RESULTS: Most Adorable Bloglandian!


inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.

The person who won this award fits this definition perfectly, especially the last bit.

And the winner is...

Maralie Lily Charm!

Congratulations, Mara! [hugs] And here is your trophy! :D

RESULTS: Most Explosive!

This result may surprise you all...!




...or not!

Seriously, there's only one person who can win this award.



And that person did win.



And that person is...




Zafira Kerias!


RESULTS: Most Absurd Thing Done in Blogland!

Blogland is a pretty absurd place by definition. There have been Wild West towns, ghost hunts, umbrella rides, glitter, Barbie...

And, of course...

Dragona's autocorrect!

Which brought a lot of absurdity in the midst of some not-absurd-at-all events, which was good. 

Anyway, here's your trophy, Dragona!

(Oddly enough, my autocorrect did actually come up with Blogglamborghini, after I made a really, really bad typo. Automatic correction units are strange beings indeed.)

RESULTS: Best Profile Picture!

There are/have been some pretty cool profile pictures in Blogland.

Like, I can think of so, so many that deserve this. Pretty much everyone has/had a really awesome profile picture.

That said, every award has to have a winner.

And the winner is...

Star Inkbright!

Congratulations! And here is your trophy. Sorry it looks a little bit, well, severed, but it's a blue hand! You don't just find blue hand trophies lying around. Except on the internet, apparently. Yay!

RESULTS: Most Shippable Ship!

Blogland has some awesome ships and some hilarious ships and some tragic ships and some adorable ships and some ships that just WORK.

There were two ships that were extremely close for this award.

Both are amazing ships, and I...I ship both of them. I can't help it.

Only one could win, though.

And the winning ship is...


Congratulations! [gives them a trophy]

[Looks back at the audience]

I told you that two ships were close, though, didn't I?

Well... The runner-up/honorable mention is... Is...





[still kinda ships both even after events and stuff]


RESULTS: Most Likely to Become President/Prime Minister And Then Be Assassinated!

This award is quite an honor, of course. [nods gravely]

Few are worthy of being President or Prime Minister, and even fewer are worthy of assassination.

The winner of this most prestigious award is...

Trip Castalan!

Congratulations indeed! And here is your trophy! (It's also bulletproof, in case you were wondering)

RESULTS: Most Sneaky Bloglandian!

This award goes to 

Steve the Ninja! 

Steve, will you please come to the stage? 


[Sets trophy on pedestal and goes to announcement booth] 

Helloooo? Steve the Ninja? 

[No response] 

[Looks back at trophy] 

It's gone! O_O
Aaalright then.

RESULTS: Best Writer!

This was a tricky, tricky award. There are lots of amazing writers in Blogland, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. There are writers who make you laugh, writers who make you cry, and writers who make you hop up and down on one foot, flailing your arms wildly and screaming WHY??! WHY??!

There were a lot of nominees for this award, all of whom deserved it. In the end, however, there could only be one winner. This winner stands out among the best of the best, and is

Aretha Tesla!

Congratulations! [Presents her with her trophy]

RESULTS: Most Huggable Bloglandian!

Hugs. :-) Even if you don't like hugging people irl, virtual hugs can still put a smile on your face and make you feel at home. There are so many huggable people here, it was hard to decide who to nominate and who to vote for and just [hugs everybody]

Oh! We do have a winner to acknowledge. A winner who's very huggable!

And that winner is...

Kallista Pendragon

RESULTS: Most Tragic Roleplay Plot!

Ah, roleplay plots. There have been deep plots and silly plots and, of course, the tragic plots. There've been a lot of plots worth crying over in this place, and it was so hard to decide, we had to put this one as a tie-breaker. Now, however, there's a clear winner, and it is...

The Osmosis Wedding!

[Gives a golden tissue-box trophy to Annika and everyone who was in attendance]

Our honorable mentions are Aladra but Tadra and Anything with Niccolò!

[Gives normal tissue-boxes to everyone associated with either of those plots]


RESULTS: Most Quotable Bloglandian!

As Snow's Blogland Quotes Project will show, this place is full of memories and words. I find myself quoting my fellow bloggy minions rather often. There is one person, however, who stands out among the most quotable of the most quotable, and that person is...

Luciana Scáth!

Congratulations! [Presents Lucy with a plaque with one of her most quotable quotes on it]

Our honorable mention is Taia DeMars, another extremely quotable person. :-)