Sunday, 18 May 2014

Most Likely To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse!

The streets are full of the rotting, bloated bodies of the dead. The air is polluted with the zombies stench. All have fallen. All except one. One remains, against all odds and has survived up till now. No one knows how long this one will last. But there is one question. Who is this one? Do you know the answer? If so tell us down below.


  1. Definitely not Trip.
    He can't fight xD



    Ari. Yeah XD

  2. Matex, he'd hide in the underworld.

  3. Nix
    But mostly because of Faceless One Nix
    Am I even allowed to nominate Nix now that he's basically left?

  4. Zach.
    I quote his comment as proof:

    'Grab ye guns and grab ye, uh, other weapons. Because the apocalypse is here. No sleep for us. With 5 minutes until the end of the world and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse...

    Oh wait.

    There AREN'T any zombies coming?

    The apocalypse really ISN'T real?

    It's NOT the end of the world?

    Well then.

    That's f*cking boring, that is...'

  5. *ZATH
    Autocorrect needs to die a slow and horrible death.