Friday, 3 October 2014

RESULTS: Funniest Bloglandian!

There are so many kinds of funny, and between the four nominees that were originally tied, we have four distinct styles of funniness. There's Annika's theatrical style of funny, Jubi and Kallista's variations of happy/random/funny, and Sir's sneak-up-on-you sort of clever funny. They're all very smile-worthy, but in this case, happy/random/funny came out on top. Without any further ado, the winner of the Award for the Funniest Bloglandian is..... 

Jubilance Glee!

Congratulations! [Presents Jubi with a trophy shaped like Swiss cheese and made of chocolate] [hides from all the awesomeness]

Your honorable mentions are Sir Reinington, Kallista Pendragon and Annika Barnosky! You get sunglasses! Yay! (I just felt like drawing some sunglasses, okay?)