Saturday, 4 October 2014


No, not all the results have been posted.

The honorable mentions are honorably mentioned only for awards that were decided by one or two votes, or for the ones that had to have tie-breaker rounds.

Fabi will be making more trophies and posting more awards, probably saving them so she can post a bunch at once, but she is now a very busy college student who also has six different roles in her dance studio's production of The Nutcracker, so she will be quite busy and appreciates your patience. She posted the first round of awards in order to ensure people hadn't lost interest before she was willing to continue typing up more, and she will have more ready as soon as is reasonably possible.

Any more questions you have will be answered here, assuming Fabi can answer them.

Fabi is speaking in third person because she thinks it sounds more official and business-like.


  1. *ponders why fabi is speaking in third person*

    Seems reasonable, moss.

  2. *hugs*
    That's respectable. *nods*
    You're brilliant, Fabi. Don't overwork yourself, yeah? :)

  3. Hey. Just caught up with the awards, and I gotta say, well done to everyone who got an award! :)

    And Star, you are totally involved. ;P I'm glad that you're still here even when everyone else from our generation has stopped coming... *hands Star an award I made myself (because I'm just so proud that you still find [and/or take] the time to come AND still read all the comments you missed)* *gives a super hug*

    Now, I have a question for Ms. Fabi. How in the world did you get those award pictures?? Did you draw them or photoshop them or somehow find them on the Internet with everyone's names already on them(not that that's even possible, that last one was a joke. XP)??? Either way, they're awesome. :) Good work, Fabi!