Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nominees--Most Absurd Thing Done in Blogland

(Basically none of these summaries are entirely mine. So, um, I don't take credit for them. But I thought they'd help)

Clara and Silente talking in poetry about how they would never be queens of the land and would forever wander the world, lovestruck and alone.

Blogland Truth or Dare, when Niccolò showed off his dramatic talent by shapeshifting into Barbie, wearing a frilly pink dress and singing. Even better, this was when there was less of a dividing line between Niccolò and Alastair, so he was sort of evil/annoying at the time.

Soap Operas: A series of extremely melodramatic stories that ended ridiculously. There was a lot of fire and an arrest, and Trip was crushed by a lamppost.

The time Trip was alone in Blogland and accidentally turned it first into the Wild West, then Outer Space. Since then, I think a number of us have developed a fear of tumbleweeds...!

The time we worshipped a blade of grass because Charlie the ghost wanted to be popular/important and kept possessing whoever he thought was the coolest. Oh, magnificent blade of grass, oh nonpareil of excellence, your measly servants bow to you.

When Nixion Strange was dead for several weeks and stubbornly refused to come back to life, even though he was perfectly capable of doing so.

Slutduggery and the Hobbit Thong: A series of inappropriate typos that resulted in some rather disturbing but hilarious mental images.

Dragona's autocorrect, which caused typos that were frequent, ridiculous, nonsensical, and sometimes inappropriate.

The murder investigations: A bunch of people hadn't commented in a while and Annika and Jubi investigated their murders.

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